Special Initiatives:

Census 2020

McAuley Ministries occasionally funds special initiatives that support or otherwise advance our grant-making priorities, including Census 2020 and workforce development.

OUR communities count! YOU matter, YOU count!    

When census information is inaccurate, under-counted people and their communities lose visibility, political representation, and vital resources. According to Keystone Counts, 16 large federal assistance programs distribute $26.8 billion dollars in federal funds to Pennsylvania, based on the census. Those programs include Medicaid, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, highway planning and construction, Section 8 Housing Choice vouchers, Head Start, and the national school lunch program. Historically, there are specific groups that have been under-counted in the census – particularly African Americans, children under the age of five, and low-income populations.

Why Census 2020 is important

  1. Your Participation Matters

The census impacts our funding for essential services and community supports, including health care, housing, food, libraries, education, and roads. Being counted provides a decade of necessary resources for our community.

  1. Essential Funding for our Community is at Stake

Missing a family of five in the count is equal to a loss of $100,000 in resources to our community. Everyone counts on April 1, 2020, National Census Day!

  1. You Can Help Spread the Word

As you interact with community members, encourage them to complete their own census form and to talk to three friends or neighbors about why participation in the 2020 Census is important.

McAuley Ministries granted $60,000 to ensure a complete and accurate count

McAuley Ministries awarded $60,000 to Grantmakers of Western Pennsylvania for the Census 2020 Philanthropic Fund. The grant helps fund collaborative efforts of the Pittsburgh philanthropic community in helping to ensure an accurate count, with special attention to reaching the traditionally undercounted populations.

McAuley Ministries convened partners

In May 2019 and February 2020, McAuley Ministries invited census partners to participate in group discussions about ensuring an accurate count in the 2020 Census. We offered a forum for discussion about how to reach traditionally undercounted populations, offered resources to educate and encourage census participation, and brainstormed resources for helping ensure an accurate count.

McAuley Ministries thanks the Jefferson Regional Foundation, Allegheny County Complete Count Committee, and Keystone Counts for their leadership and partnership to support a complete and accurate count of our community.

For additional resources, please click the following links:

McAuley Ministries 2020 Census Resource Document

United States Census Bureau: Partner Resources

Allegheny County Toolkit

Response to COVID-19

As persons of faith, the board and staff of McAuley Ministries have been praying for our neighbors and community partners. As persons of faith, we are also called to action and to offer support during this unprecedented crisis stemming from the coronavirus pandemic. To that end, we have:

  • Contributed to the Emergency Action Fund at The Pittsburgh Foundation.
  • Contributed to the Critical Community Needs Fund at The POISE Foundation.
  • Awarded emergency grants to our community partners who are on the front lines of providing food and other resources to our most vulnerable neighbors.
  • Awarded an emergency grant to Pittsburgh Mercy for personal protective equipment and supplies.
  • Partnered with Beyond the Laptops to supply 200 laptops to students in the Hill District, Uptown, and West Oakland.
  • Partnered with Ujamaa Collective to produce and distribute 500 protective face masks to community residents.
  • Re-purposed a catering contract from a cancelled event to provide 300 grab-and-go meals to residents of West Oakland.
  • Provided support to Hug Me Tight Childlife Centers for supplies to comply with guidelines for re-opening the child care center.
  • Upon request, converted program grants to operating grants to assist our community partners with immediate staffing and operational needs.
  • Approved modifications and extensions to grant timelines and reporting requirements.

Please do not hesitate to call or email if you have questions or concerns regarding your grant or services.

We share this prayer from the Sisters of Mercy:

God of Love and Mercy, we pray for our world – for all of us, each one now in some way impacted by COVID-19: but especially for those persons who are ill, those who have lost loved ones and those whose personal and work lives have been severely disrupted by the reach of this virus.

We give thanks for the tender care of the sick by doctors, nurses and health care workers, for the generous and willing service of volunteers and for the imagination and dedication of researchers seeking a cure.

We are grateful for those who share wise advice with us; those whose work creates healthy environments for us; those who put our needs before theirs, our safety before theirs, our well-being before theirs.

May we each be supportive of one another, considerate of one another and generous to one another in this difficult and uncertain time.


Workforce Development 

In 2016, McAuley Ministries convened organizations that provide workforce development services to residents of the Hill District, Uptown, and West Oakland. Our partners include: A. Philip Randolph Institute, Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC), Community Kitchen Pittsburgh, Energy Innovation Center, Neighborhood Resilience Project, Hill House Association, and Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh. We identified several strategies to improve outcomes for training, employment, and retention. Those strategies include addressing transportation needs, case management, and marketing.

The first collaborative project involves transportation. McAuley Ministries has awarded a grant to Traveler’s Aid to provide bus passes and gasoline debit cards for clients enrolled in one of the above workforce training programs. The partners will report on the number of clients served and whether those clients completed training, gained employment, and retained employment after six months. McAuley Ministries has also awarded mini-grants to several of the partners to assist their clients in securing drivers’ licenses. Each partner receiving a grant will track the number of clients earning drivers’ licenses, the number of clients earning drivers’ licenses who gain employment, and the number of clients retaining employment after six months.

Story of Hope

Workforce Development: Community Kitchen Pittsburgh

The largest percentage of students we helped were those who had license suspensions. An average cost of $330 – and in one case as low as $73 – stood between our students and restoration of their driving rights. Having the funding to help these people opened up more employment opportunities for them. 19 out of the 21 people who gained their licenses found initial employment. 12 out of 13 who got their jobs more than six months ago were still employed at the six-month mark. This 92% 6-month retention is better than our average results. Adding in the 7 people who are currently working but haven’t yet hit their 6-month mark, 95% of the people we helped get licenses are currently working.

Future Makers – Build a Bright Future, Career Awareness & College Access

McAuley Ministries is partnering with Oakland Planning and Development Corporation’s School2Career program to engage Hill District and Oakland youth via monthly career-focused workshops for students in grades 7 through 12. These interactive events will focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), business, the arts, health care, and liberal arts careers. Youth will be able to experience and develop new skills, connect with area programs, meet professionals, and expand their college and career options. The college access component will engage students and parents, providing guidance regarding college preparation, application, and financing. Students will have the opportunity to participate in SAT preparation and college fairs; families will have access to financial literacy workshops, paying for college workshops, and support in completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form.

McAuley Ministries and School2Career will track the number of students participating; the number and percentage of graduating students who enroll in college; college majors of these students; and the financial aid packages of graduating students.