What We Fund

McAuley Ministries awards grants in response to applications submitted for funding or in response to Requests for Proposals issued by McAuley Ministries.

Preference is given to proposals that:

  • Address a critical community need or opportunity in the Hill District, Uptown, or West Oakland in alignment with our grantmaking priorities.
  • Incorporate evidence-based practices that address root causes and propose systemic change.
  • Involve collaboration and cooperation with other organizations or agencies.
  • Include clear implementation plans with goals, strategies, and timetables.
  • Include measurable outcomes and an effective mechanism for measuring the impact of the program.
  • Exhibit sound and realistic financial plans as well as diverse funding sources.
  • Will not duplicate existing services unless there is a clear need for additional services.

Proposals funded by McAuley Ministries:

  • New programs and projects.
  • Ongoing programs and projects.
  • Capacity-building initiatives, including general operating support when organizations have a track record of producing outcomes for residents and the community.
  • Capital projects that advance the strategic priorities of McAuley Ministries.

Proposals not funded by McAuley Ministries:

  • Scholarships unrelated to nonprofit capacity building.
  • Travel unrelated to nonprofit capacity building.
  • Acute care/hospital services.
  • Biomedical research.
  • Endowments.
  • Historic preservation.
  • Existing financial obligations or debt liability.
  • Political activities, including political campaigns and lobbying.
  • Programs that are not directly targeted to the Hill District, Uptown, or West Oakland.