Health & Wellness

McAuley Ministries helps communities build gardens encouraging healthy eating and community socialization.
McAuley Ministries helps communities build gardens to encourage healthy eating, exercise, and community socialization.

McAuley Ministries supports initiatives that improve the overall health status of residents of the Hill District, Uptown, and West Oakland by meeting basic needs, encouraging healthy lifestyles, and providing community-based health care through innovative service delivery models. Priorities include:

  • Affordable and safe housing for low- and moderate-income families and special populations, including seniors, veterans, persons who are homeless, and persons with disabilities.
  • Support for organizations providing a safety net for basic needs (e.g., food, shelter, transportation, and access to health insurance).
  • Initiatives that help seniors to thrive and age in place.
  • Behavioral health initiatives that recognize and address the impact of community trauma.
  • Evidence-based initiatives that prevent and interrupt gun violence.
  • Support for Pittsburgh Mercy innovation that advances new models of health care for vulnerable populations.
  • Community gardens and play spaces that encourage healthy eating, exercise, and community socialization.

Stories of Hope

Center for Hearing & Deaf Services

An elderly mother and special-needs daughter BOTH received two hearing aids through the McAuley grant, in addition to several assistive devices. Now when they get together, their interactions are much better because they both hear and understand each other more clearly.

Grounded Strategies

Grounded Strategies worked with the Project Love Coalition to improve a lot at the corner of Somers Street and Webster Avenue. The goal for this site was to clear a knot-weed infested area of land and implement a community garden for veterans and neighbors. This area will act as a place where neighbors can congregate, celebrate, and learn how to grow and prepare healthy food. Seventy-two raised beds have been installed and prepped for planting in the spring.