Capacity Building

McAuley Ministries encourages nonprofits by supporting leadership development, strategic planning, and better management systems. (Photo by Carmon Rinehart)

McAuley Ministries assists nonprofit organizations serving the Hill District, Uptown, and West Oakland to enhance their ability to fulfill their missions by strengthening nonprofit governance and leadership; strategic and business planning; program development; technology and information systems; management systems and practices; and financial resources. McAuley Ministries will also serve as a convener to encourage collaboration and strategic alliances for greater collective impact. Priority will be given to:

  • Leadership development and growing the next generation of leaders.
  • Strategic planning and program-specific planning to accelerate innovation.
  • General operating support for mission-critical organizations that demonstrate the capacity to produce outcomes for residents and the community.
  • Convenings that encourage strategic alliances and enhance collective impact; support for planning and operationalizing alliances.
  • Limited capital funding for facilities and technology linked to programming and operational improvements that are consistent with our grantmaking priorities.

Stories of Hope

Sisters Place

We’re so proud of our Sisters Place resident K. for passing her PA Cosmetology Boards! She’s now a licensed professional cosmetologist. She worked very hard and was nervous about the testing, but she did it! Advancing her career will allow her and her two sons to have a more stable income as they leave Sisters Place.

After meeting with our program director about her family budget, B. opened her first savings account! By taking a closer look at some of her monthly expenses, they were able to identify areas where she could cut-back and start to build a savings. Establishing a savings with even a small amount of money can help families manage emergencies and stressors better. B. and her three young sons will be well-prepared to cover co-pays to the doctor for illness and other unexpected expenses.

Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh

M. and her husband moved their family of four boys to Pittsburgh a few years ago. While they are hoping to find a forever home, their home in the Hill District has provided a haven. The husband and their oldest son have gone through multiple major surgeries. Recovering in the home, has been a challenge. Having 15 steps up to the front door made leaving the home especially challenging as they recovered. Once in the home, the flooring posed many tripping hazards.

“With the help of volunteers from BNY Mellon, we rebuilt the railings up the front steps and installed new, non-slip flooring.”

For over 20 years, D. has lived in his home. In 2005, he nearly lost his home after a medical setback. After refinancing, he breathed a little more easily, but homes require a lot of maintenance. Recently, he has experienced some leaks due to flashing deterioration around the chimney, bricks needing repointed, and his gutters not operating. With the support of McAuley Ministries, Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh could address these major roof issues and improve the health of D.’s living environment, securing his home for many more years to come.