Grant Programs

McAuley Ministries offers several types of grants to support our mission.

Major Grants

Major grants are awarded when consistent with our mission and strategic priorities. Major grants are awarded through a single, competitive grant cycle. Major grants are greater than $500,000 and are capped at $2 million dollars. They may be awarded for up to five years. While McAuley Ministries funds capital projects, those projects must demonstrate clear alignment with programming that is consistent with our grantmaking priorities.

McAuley Ministries extends an invitation to organizations to apply for a major grant. If you are invited to submit a full application, the funding decision will be made in March.

If you believe you have a project that would be of interest to McAuley Ministries as a major grant, please call us to discuss your project.

In addition, McAuley Ministries may award major grants to projects that we have identified or initiated through a non-competitive process based upon our work and involvement in the community.

Outreach & Sustainability Grants

Outreach and sustainability grants are awarded to local nonprofit organizations to assist with organizational or program needs that align with our grantmaking priorities. Grants range from $10,000 to $500,000 and may be awarded for up to three years. Funding decisions are made twice per year:

  • Spring Cycle
  • Fall Cycle

Applicants are also welcome to call McAuley Ministries to discuss a proposal idea before beginning the formal grant application process.

Legacy Grants

Legacy grants are only awarded to programs in Southwestern Pennsylvania that are sponsored by or affiliated with the Sisters of Mercy.

Collaborative Grants

McAuley Ministries values collaboration and may join with our philanthropic partners to address regional and statewide issues that impact our mission and residents in our target neighborhoods. These initiatives may address advocacy, public policy, research, planning, nonprofit capacity, and other appropriate projects that benefit the region.