McAuley Ministries FY2020 Year in Review

McAuley Ministries is pleased to invest with our community partners to promote healthy, safe, and vibrant communities.

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McAuley Ministries Community Profile – 2020

McAuley Ministries regularly assesses the demographic, social, and community factors that inform our grantmaking priorities.

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Reading Proficiency for Every Child

McAuley Ministries contracted with Sonia Layne-Gartside Consulting to evaluate strategies for helping every child in our community achieve reading proficiency by third grade.

  • The National Benchmarking Report outlines national program initiatives designed to advance third grade reading proficiency. The information was gathered through literature review, information from the governmental sector, and research published by other institutions and scholars.

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  • The Community Engagement Report summarizes interviews with 22 educators, community leaders, public officials, and foundation leaders. The engagement report includes results from two focus groups of 34 parents/caregivers from Pittsburgh Weil K-5 and Pittsburgh Miller K-5.

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Summer Youth Employment Benchmarking Report

McAuley Ministries contracted with DLJ & Associates to benchmark national youth employment programs that focus on meaningful work and place an emphasis on training and development. The expected outcome would be that youth exit their work experiences with skills that launch them into higher-level education and/or careers.

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