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New Applicants

New Applicants must create an account. We suggest that you write down or save your password for future reference, as McAuley Ministries does not have access to your login information.

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Applying for a Grant

Before you begin your online application, you will be prompted to enter your organization’s Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). Since McAuley Ministries only awards grants to tax-exempt organizations, you will not be able to access the applications without a Taxpayer Identification Number.

Once you enter the application, you will be asked to answer a series of questions. You will notice that each narrative section of the online application has a word limit. For your convenience, each section has a word counter and spell-check tool imbedded in the application.

There is also a tool for uploading the required attachments before submitting an application.

Required PDF Attachments:

  • Board of Directors list
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Determination Letter
  • Most recent audit
  • Project budget
  • Racial Diversity and Equity Tool
  • Letters of endorsement or Memorandum of Understanding from your collaborators, if applicable
  • Your most recent IRS Form 990 (if the 990 is not posted to GuideStar)

If you do not have a required document, please attach a document to explain why you are unable to submit the information. We will contact you to discuss the implications for reviewing your application. You will also have an opportunity to upload one optional document (e.g. annual report, business plan, organizational chart, etc.) by clicking on the Attachments tab in the application.

We strongly recommend that you save your document by clicking on “Save and Finish Later”. You may access your in progress applications by clicking on the In Process link below. Once you have completed your application and attached the required documents, click “Review and Submit”. You will have an opportunity to review your materials before submitting your application. If any of the required elements is missing, you will be prompted to complete the relevant section or attach the required document(s) before moving forward.

After you submit the application, you will receive an email to confirm our receipt of your application.

Please do not submit a hard copy of your application to McAuley Ministries. If we have questions, or if we need additional information, we will contact you.

Major Grant Application

Major grants typically range from $51,000-$200,000 and may be awarded for up to three years. Major grants are awarded through a single competitive grant cycle. Applicants must submit a letter of inquiry outlining the proposed program or project. Letters of inquiry may be submitted at any time; however, letters are reviewed annually in July by the McAuley Ministries Board. The deadline for submission of a letter of inquiry for review in July will be posted online. Applicants are also encouraged to call McAuley Ministries to discuss a proposal idea before beginning the formal process.

Submit A Letter Of Inquiry

After review by the McAuley Ministries Board, applicants will be informed if they are invited to submit a full application. If you are invited to submit a full application, the McAuley Ministries executive director will forward a link to the online application for a major grant.

Outreach Grant Application

Outreach grant amounts will not exceed $50,000 and typically average $25,000; grants may be awarded for up to three years. Outreach proposals may be submitted at any time. Funding decisions are made three times per year: March, July, and October. Applicants are also welcome to call McAuley Ministries to discuss a proposal idea before beginning the formal process.

Submit An Outreach Grant Application

 In Process and Previously Submitted Proposals and Reports

Once you have a McAuley Ministries account and you have started the application process , you will have the ability to save and finish applications that are in process, print your application by clicking the printer-friendly tool, review previous grant proposals that were submitted online, and fulfill your grant reporting requirements.

Access Your Applications And Reports

Renewal Grant Application

Organizations with an active grant or recently closed grant, and who are contemplating applying for a renewal grant are encouraged to call McAuley Ministries before beginning the formal application process. Consideration will be given to the status of project implementation, whether the organization provided timely project updates, and the results achieved or lessons learned from the most recent grant. If the executive director determines you are eligible for a renewal grant, you will be provided a link to the online application for renewal grants.

Visit Application Resources to Review a Tutorial of the Online Grant Application.

If you do not have the ability to submit an online application, please contact Marisol Valentin, executive director of McAuley Ministries, at 412-578-6223, or by email at

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