Health & Wellness

McAuley Ministries helps communities build gardens encouraging healthy eating and community socialization.
McAuley Ministries helps communities build gardens to encourage healthy eating, exercise, and community socialization.

McAuley Ministries supports initiatives that improve the overall health status of residents of the Hill District, Uptown, and West Oakland by meeting basic needs, encouraging healthy lifestyles, and providing community-based health care through innovative service delivery models. Priorities include:

  • Affordable and safe housing for low- and moderate-income families and special populations, including seniors, veterans, persons who are homeless, and persons with disabilities.
  • Support for organizations providing a safety net for basic needs (e.g., food, shelter, transportation, and access to health insurance).
  • Initiatives that help seniors to thrive and age in place.
  • Behavioral health initiatives that recognize and address the impact of community trauma.
  • Evidence-based initiatives that prevent and interrupt gun violence.
  • Support for Pittsburgh Mercy innovation that advances new models of health care for vulnerable populations.
  • Community gardens and play spaces that encourage healthy eating, exercise, and community socialization.

Stories of Hope

Venture Outdoors

A new participant at the Grayson Center, G. is 12 years old and just started eighth grade. During a hike at the Frick Environmental Center, G. was very engaged, asked questions about the trail and Venture Outdoors, and led his group on the trail with the Trip Leaders. His leadership had a significant impact on the hike and helped make it a great experience. G.’s favorite trip was horseback riding. His horse’s name was Dart and he even had a chance to run with the horse after he felt comfortable enough. He didn’t let a broken arm in a cast stop him.

“I want to kayak again.”

He also really enjoyed kayaking. “I was scared at first. I went with one of my friends who wanted me to go with him. The kayak and the river were bigger than I thought it would be. I thought he was going to tip it over, so I chose to kayak with someone else. I want to kayak again.”