McAuley Ministries focuses on providing high-quality early childhood development programs to the areas that need it most.
McAuley Ministries focuses on providing high-quality early childhood development programs to the areas that need it most.

McAuley Ministries supports initiatives that assist children residing in the Hill District, Uptown, and West Oakland to succeed in school, graduate from high school, successfully transition to and graduate from college, and/or successfully transition to work. Priority initiatives include:

  • High-quality early childhood development.
  • After-school programs with high-quality tutoring and enrichment activities.
  • Initiatives to improve college readiness and the number of residents who graduate from college or other post-secondary education.
  • Initiatives that address the social obstacles to academic achievement and college completion.
  • Parent and community engagement to support educational equity and achievement.

Stories of Hope

Neighborhood Learning Alliance

Two of our graduating 12th graders from the Hill District completed the summer college class and are now attending their freshman year, one at Slippery Rock and one at Lincoln. This experience gave them the opportunity to experience the expectations of college, spend time on a college campus, and grow their confidence prior to going away for their freshman year. They both received 3 credits from CCAC that they and their families won’t need to pay for and passed English 101 so they were able to start their freshman English requirements in English 102. Similarly, the six students who returned to high school had a greater understanding of college class expectations and college campus life, greater purpose for their high school studies, confidence in their readiness for college, and three college credits. By passing   English 101, any of the students who elect to attend CCAC will avoid the time and cost of 12 developmental credits and start in English 102.

Citizen Science Lab (SeaPerch)

SeaPerch is not an easy program to complete and with many of our students lacking prior engineering knowledge, they quickly learned just how challenging it can be. However, our students manage to persist, ultimately leading to success.

“One student in particular, K., a fifth grader at Pittsburgh Miller School, had never drilled or soldered before the program but became so proficient at it that she would take the lead and complete any soldering that needed to be done for her group.”

When one of the wires on her group’s motors snapped, she took the initiative to spend the time re-soldering the wire to the motor. Our group of high school boys, K., T., and M. quickly proved to be our most advanced group. Every session, they would go above and beyond with their tasks and were the first group to complete the building of the SeaPerch in all three of our sessions. In one session, they were able to wire their motors, wax their motors, soldered their control boxes, and successfully test their motors. Their design to build a SeaPerch in the shape of a house, was also one of the most unique designs.

Buoyancy is the one hurdle that all of our students have had to overcome. The AKA team, all fifth graders from Pittsburgh Miller School, were unyielding in perfecting their buoyancy for three separate sessions and nailed it on their third week.