Capacity Building

McAuley Ministries encourages nonprofits by supporting leadership development, strategic planning, and better management systems. (Photo by Carmon Rinehart)

McAuley Ministries assists nonprofit organizations serving the Hill District, Uptown, and West Oakland to enhance their ability to fulfill their missions by strengthening nonprofit governance and leadership; strategic and business planning; program development; technology and information systems; management systems and practices; and financial resources. McAuley Ministries will also serve as a convener to encourage collaboration and strategic alliances for greater collective impact. Priority will be given to:

  • Leadership development and growing the next generation of leaders.
  • Strategic planning and program-specific planning to accelerate innovation.
  • General operating support for mission-critical organizations that demonstrate the capacity to produce outcomes for residents and the community.
  • Convenings that encourage strategic alliances and enhance collective impact; support for planning and operationalizing alliances.
  • Limited capital funding for facilities and technology linked to programming and operational improvements that are consistent with our grantmaking priorities.

Stories of Hope

Sister’s Place

S.’s story is an important one, because often there are misconceptions and stigma about persons who are homeless. No family plans for homelessness to happen to them. As in S.’s situation, life can go in a direction that is unforeseen, causing upheaval.

S. came to Sisters Place almost 2 years ago and is participating in our Permanent Housing Program. She had an ischemic stroke after giving birth to her son in 2014. As a result of the stroke, she experienced paralysis on her left side which led to losing her job and housing. S. and her son lived for periods of time with family members; ultimately they became homeless. The case manager has helped S. to focus on her well-being and life skills, including budgeting. Our child development and education specialist has worked with her to enroll her son in pre-school.

“We recognized S.’s achievements as our 2018 Resident of the Year.”

Bedford Connect

One resident stands out as having individual transformation through involvement with Bedford Connect. This resident, B., in the past would describe herself as someone who “minded her business and kept to herself.” Now, she has become more engaged in Bedford Dwellings and the local community. B. is an active member of the Network Action Team and has become accountable for record keeping and facilitating table talks in our monthly Bedford Connect Network Night meeting. She also helps to run the Bedford Connect coffee and conversation shop by setting up the room and welcoming community members into an intentional space for neighborhood conversations, networking, and resource sharing. Through her active engagement in Bedford Connect, B. was recently asked to be the Bedford Dwellings Chair of Public Elections and she has engaged many of the neighbors to be on the election committee. Collaboratively, these neighbors provide voter education and orchestrate a safe and convenient polling place for the residents of Bedford Dwellings and its surrounding voting area.

“Over the last year, we have seen B. grow her self-esteem, recognize her strengths, increase her income, and grow her social network. With her new-found confidence, she is currently working on building her resume with a long-term goal of gaining part time employment.”