Capacity Building

McAuley Ministries encourages nonprofits by supporting leadership development, strategic planning, and better management systems. (Photo by Carmon Rinehart)

McAuley Ministries assists nonprofit organizations serving the Hill District, Uptown, and West Oakland to enhance their ability to fulfill their missions by strengthening nonprofit governance and leadership; strategic and business planning; program development; technology and information systems; management systems and practices; and financial resources. McAuley Ministries will also serve as a convener to encourage collaboration and strategic alliances for greater collective impact. Priority will be given to:

  • Leadership development and growing the next generation of leaders.
  • Strategic planning and program-specific planning to accelerate innovation.
  • General operating support for mission-critical organizations that demonstrate the capacity to produce outcomes for residents and the community.
  • Convenings that encourage strategic alliances and enhance collective impact; support for planning and operationalizing alliances.
  • Limited capital funding for facilities and technology linked to programming and operational improvements that are consistent with our grantmaking priorities.

Stories of Hope

Program to Aid Citizen Enterprise (PACE)

A nonprofit executive had been in her job only three months when she was selected for the executive coaching cohort. The fact that the program was free was crucial; as a new employee, she was reluctant to ask her board of directors to fund professional development. “To have this opportunity without the financial aspect as a barrier was awesome,” said the executive.

She was matched with a Texas-based certified coach whose practice specialty is assessing leadership strengths. The coach helped her to identify her top attributes and strategize how to work with her 28 employees, including seven direct reports. The sessions also helped the executive to identify her own leadership style. Living in different cities, they met mostly through 90-minute FaceTime sessions and the coach traveled to Pittsburgh once for an in-person session with the executive and others on her team.

Additionally, the organization participated in the PACE Intensive Services (IS) program. Since the executive had gone through coaching, she wanted to provide the same experience for her staff. They are utilizing the IS capacity-building grant funds to hire a local coach to provide group and individual coaching.

“To have this opportunity without the financial aspect as a barrier was awesome.” 

Uptown Partners

In 2017-18 Uptown Partners was successful in shutting down two parking lots for not having occupancy permits to operate legally. Staff fought the cases at the magisterial level. The owner also attempted to demolish four houses adjacent to one of the parking lots. To cease harmful and unnecessary demolition, Uptown Partners advocated for the new Uptown Public Realm District, which protects properties from demolition unless the owner can provide a City- and community-approved development plan in its place. We were able to preserve the buildings and therefore rental housing for low-income residents.